Ter-El is a supporting character of Krypton portrayed by Rupert Graves And is a member of House El

Character Overview



When we first meet Ter-El he is at his fathers trial. After House El is striped of it’s rank Ter worked as Daron's clerk in the Lawmakers Guild. 10 years later we meet Ter in the El’s appartement as Seg get’s in after his fight at Kem's Tavern and Ter-El is getting ready to go to his work at the Lawmakers Guild. But as he has words with Seg about the scam he runs with Kem, he forgot to take his medicine with him. When Seg go’s to the guild he stops an attack by Black Zero on The Voice of Rao and as a reward get’s ranked again. When he get’s home Seg tells him about his encounter with Adam Strange from the planet Detroit who gave him a Sunstone with a variation of the El Sigil on it. And that Seg-El needed to find the Fortress of Solitude. As the El sigil is outlawed Ter takes the Sunstone because it is to dangerous for Seg to be caught with it as he is to be ranked again. But when Charys-El is caught after “borowing” a Skimmer and is put on trial for treason, Ter covers for his son by saying he was the second person in the Skimmer and he takes one of the guards his gun and is shot and killed in return by primus Jayna-Zod. [1]






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